Paper on developing a multi-criteria decision-making methdology for cohabitation presented for CAADRIA 2023

We are excited to share that our paper on developing a multi-criteria design decision-making methodology for cohabitation has been accepted and will be presented at the CAADRIA 2023 conference. The paper contributes toward the ECOLOPES project which aims to develop a design recommendation tool for multi-species building envelope design. This paper introduced a strategy to simultaneously measure architectural and ecological performances using nested sets. The paper also describes the decision-making methodology implemented in a computational environment.

Please find the article using the following DOI: [to be updated]

Conference website:

Here is the paper's abstract:

Anthropic activities negatively impact natural and artificial ecosystems, necessitating interdisciplinary mitigation strategies such as multi-species building envelope designs. This paper introduces a computational multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methodology to support these envelope designs. We also propose a nested set strategy for key performance indicators (KPI) to strategically measure architectural and ecological performances. We integrate the strategy into a proposed hybrid MCDM methodology using computational design tools. The methodology was tested using a generic volume case study described by an architectural and ecological objective with varied priorities. Initial results highlight the computational interoperability of hybrid MCDM, informed by nested KPI set priorities, as support for multi-species building envelope designs.

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