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Call for a MSc/Doctoral Researchers in Knitted Architecture and Industrial Design


Embark on a transformative journey with us as we lead the way in pioneering innovative digital fabrication techniques in the realm of architecture. Our inspiring work environment is complemented by cutting-edge technologies, offering an unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of architectural design and construction. Join our team and be a part of this exciting, groundbreaking venture.

Position Overview:
The Coded Matter Design Lab and T_CODE research group at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion are looking for a Ph.D./MSc student to lead exciting, funded research on advanced 3D knitting for architecture applications.


Research Focus:

The contemporary architectural landscape predominantly utilizes building envelopes composed of repetitive elements, serving primarily as a barrier between internal and external environments. This research posits a paradigm shift towards building envelopes characterized by intricate geometries and unique, non-repetitive tiling, potentially enhancing environmental performance. However, the production of such tiles is currently hindered by high costs, extensive time requirements, and labor-intensive processes. In response to these challenges, this study proposes an innovative methodology for the design and fabrication of building envelopes with complex geometries. Central to this approach is the utilization of a 3D knitted stay-in-place mold, crafted from eco-friendly materials. This strategy is complemented by the development of cutting-edge construction technologies, heralding a new era in building envelope design.

The anticipated outcomes of this research include the design and construction of full-scale tiles, exemplifying the multifaceted design capabilities of this innovative approach. This study not only aims to revolutionize the architectural fabric but also to forge a sustainable path forward in building envelope design.



Prospective candidates are required to possess an academic degree in a pertinent discipline, including but not limited to architectural computation, industrial design, or mechanical engineering. A robust foundation in computational analysis and modeling is imperative. Expertise in diverse computational design methodologies and digital fabrication techniques will be considered a significant asset.

Candidates should exhibit a proven ability to effectively collaborate within interdisciplinary teams and demonstrate exceptional project management skills. This includes the capacity for overseeing independent research projects. A track record of producing high-quality scholarly publications and a strong dedication to contributing to the scientific community are fundamental requirements.

Additionally, candidates should have a fervent interest in fostering creativity and sustainability in their work. A hands-on approach and a dynamic attitude towards innovation are crucial attributes for this position.


Application Deadline and additional options:

Please submit your application by 1st of February 2024, including a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for two references (just emails). It is important to note however that we aim to fill the position as soon as a suitable applicant is found.

Key information:

The appointment is set for a period of three years, with potential for extension contingent upon performance and project requirements. We offer flexibility in the commencement date, with candidates having the option to start anytime between July and October 2024. This position is comprehensively funded, encompassing both tuition fees and a provision for living expenses.



For inquiries or to submit your application, please contact assistant professor  Yoav Sterman (  or associate professor Yasha Grobman (

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